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Kasia Bakshalizadeh was born Wroclaw, Poland. She currently lives in Connecticut. She works in a variety of medium, including oils, acrylic, collage, and quilting. Majority of the oil paintings are executed in the indirect painting method. 

Please visit each section of the gallery. The archives are paintings that are currently not available. The work is based on everyday life experiences and travel. The artist's time in Alaska working in the canneries, influence of early blues and jazz (Chicago), living in Mexico, travel in Europe and Turkey as well as various places in the United States has all worked as basis of inspiration. Early work is heavily influenced by historical context and literature. More recently most work has left behind portraits and is focusing more on nature and landscapes parallel to the sphere of influence in present life.Thank you for taking your time to browse the site. 




  • Art League of New Britain, (New Britain, CT), Part of Connecticut Women Artist 2017 Show: April 2017
  • Hill-Stead Museum, (Farmington, CT) , Silent Auction: 5/2013
  • Live Everyday (Simsbury, CT) 2/2013
  • Hoppin Gallery, (Farmington CT): One man show: 09 / 2012
  • Hanover Art Gallery, Hanover, PA (2011-2012)
  • Nippon Steel Exhibition and Award (in association with the SAIC, Chicago, IL): 2001, 2002
  • Red Avocado: (Iowa City, IA): 1999, 2000
  • Linn Street CafĂ©: (Iowa City, IA): 2000